We are honored to be part of a community that builds social consciousness through artistic channels along with encouraging creative lifestyles and sustainable communities by the expansion of self-awareness and wisdom. BrilliantlyMad was founded in 1998 with the intention of promoting a philosophy built on love and our oneness with the universe through art, spirituality and well-being. We want to enhance people's life experiences and provide a beacon of light in a world with much darkness. Through social events, web presence and print publications we have been uniting humanity, spreading positive vibrations and embracing the theory of balance and equilibrium in the universe. Knowing both your Brilliance and Madness is the key to opening compassion and harmonizing your life.


BrilliantlyMad proudly serves as a recognized leader in the Chicago Conscious Community. But, we subscribe to the philosophy that the objectives and goals set by our leaders are strengthened by a collaborative approach. We are currently looking for like-minded individuals and organizations to partner with and enhance the strength behind our shared world visions. During 2012 we will be embarking on a very exciting adventure of raising funds for a vast array of meaningful and beneficial community projects. We would like to request your help in bringing these plans to fruition. Here are some details for each project.


  • BrilliantlyMad Magazine 2012 - To be released in December.
  • BrilliantlyMad Website – To be continually updated with new features throughout 2012.
  • EqualEyez - We are currently developing a 3-day consciously charged retreat campout for the weekend of September 21-23 of 2012. This experience will involve art, music, movement and education as well as building community and enhancing leadership skills for approximately 150 attendees. We also plan to broadcast this event worldwide over the web.
  • Professional audio/visual and photography equipment - To record BrilliantlyMad events to broadcast and share with the world.
  • Documentary - Production in 2013 based on the retreat, other conscious events and the BrilliantlyMad community (which would include You!).


In exchange for your support, we have developed various levels of partnership to reciprocate your generosity by providing endorsement and rewards for your organization through 2012.


To join our impressive list of sponsors, and find out more, please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call David Ziemba at 708-369-0457.

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