Tis the season to be happy here in Chicago for the snowy late night parties and gatherings.

We are also reflecting on the past year of great times with our family in Chi-Town and that means taking a look at our seven-year anniversary event, Adventure in Chi-Town 3.

We had over 30 great performers during the course of the week and what an experience it was.

Over the next seven pages we will re-live the Adventure that re-opened the Orphanage and brought Chicago together for a weeklong journey.

Let the music play and keep on dancing.

Day 1: Manic Monday

9/12 Pirate Parade turns into a spontaneous Reclaim the Streets action with an Arrest

Since we began preparing for Adventure in Chi-Town 3, people were wondering why we were doing this. Particularly why anyone should dress like pirates and parade through Wicker Park.

Well...there wasn't one absolute reason why we should do this. But, as proven on the internet (see below), this event has had lots of controversy on all sides and it definitely got some recognition. But some of you are still wondering what came out of exercising our right to assemble that day.

Well…we doubt this Pirate Parade will trigger a revolution throughout Chicago but it has served its purpose of coming together, dressing up and celebrating the rights we do have left in America.

BrilliantlyMad asked the Environmental Encroachment Band to come out and lead the march while people from the UIC Guerrilla Disturbance Theatre came out for another purpose. The madness evolved instantly.

Please visit IndyMedia.org for rants and raves of the Pirate ‘Takeover’ Parade and other great news around the world..

I was there, and it was quite fun... I didn't go to protest anything, to piss off cops, or to prove a fucking point. I went to dress up like a pirate, yell RRRRRR, dance, and make people smile and question why the hell aren't they having fun with us! Whatever happened to "art for arts sake?" -miss betty

After the Pirate Parade the wenches and dirty pirates ventured into Ginbucks for one of the last nights with Nocturnal Emission. The Junglist Souljah Kru hosted the night as they tore up the turntables alongside the Rabid Vinyl Monks.

Free entry and games of pool was a great addition to the cheap drinks and drunk pirates staying lit on the floor till 2am.

The late night pirates ventured off to the Green Dolphin for the Boom Boom Room weekly.

The Green Dolphin Street is home to this longest running club night in Chicago. Opened till 4am every Monday, Lego keeps the house sound beating strong. Always great music and dancers get down here..

Lego - (Poontin Muzik, Soulfuric Records)

Michael Serafini - (Gramaphone Records, Cocktail)

Just Joey - (RedTapeRadio.com)

Uncle Milty - (White Beard Recordings)

Brian Gardner - (Soul Foundation, Music 101, Wax Addict)

Day 2: Phat Tuesday

Phat Tuesday started off re-opening the Orphanage while making clothes for identity creation and the costume party later that night. Amy Ziesler came over and sewed clothes from God’s Closet before we held the Katrina benefit at one of the busiest clubs in the city, Zentra.

JaGoFF tore up the main room downstairs and later that night even Mark Almeria made a guest appearance with Paul Anthony. The Penthouse also played a variety of tracks that just finished producing.

Future Prophet, DJ Roll and BRC threw down the jungle in the vip room with MC Chronic G while Alfonz De La Mota brought it to the main room. Everyone else that played also represented their styles of music. Gant Man, Theo G, The Penthouse, Turbotic, Jessica Jane, Dysqo, Lucky Luciano, Chris Santiago, Frank Solano, Shifty Johnson along with MC Subzero also on the mic.

Day 3: Zenergy

Spiritual Guidance Day took place at The Healing Earth Resource Center. The Adventure took us further into the mind’s eye with all of the great people who showed up. Darra came and did a workshop on body walking, John Sacelli did a presentation on angeLynx, Bryon put on a yoga workshop and Hazel Aura G orchestrated a drum circle. Carla Starla and Basics spun music along with Fermats Quandry playing cello live for everyone.

All the proceeds for this event were donated to help keep the Healing Earth Resource Center operating as part of our community. We removed the obstacles from our lives and centered ourselves.

Wednesday Night, after a day of healing, was held in the Big House at 2354 North Ashland till 4am

LADY D from D'lectable Records spun alongside DHANNA K and a special appearance by "EN-FUNKT" aka: Kurt Frederick & Nick LeBrock from ReEducation Records.

Great Night with The Funk, Soul and Hot Grooves!

Day 4: Twisted Thursday

Art-official day was a wild one indeed. From experimental sounds flowing out of the speakers to a pudding fight just outside the doors it was a party to remember.

Submerge 101 stole the show with his techno pounding beats and his flawless mixing. The live PAs brought a series of loops and key notes to the air above as well.

Bubble Gum Shit Face & Rotten Milk made a glamour appearance after they apparently held a mud wrestling pre-party. Disappointed that they were not allowed inside, they ended up doing their show outside. It consisted of a stuffed dragon being torn to pieces as pudding was being thrown all over their yelling, prancing, muddy faces.

After they got chased away by the police we kept the music going inside till 2am. The following week we were even mentioned in the Chicago Reader.

Day 5: Freaky Friday

On Friday we held the Ground Work conference to work together in the political spectrum. A few dedicated individuals came by representing theirs and others interests. What was interesting though was how we put down our own views to discuss the current state and it’s war on the citizens of America.

Certain people came out to these events and decided to become a participant instead of merely observing which, in itself, is truly a remarkable thing.

It doesn't matter what you call yourself, what group you represent or what meetings you happened to attend months or years ago. What does matter is where you are going and what remarkable things you are doing NOW.

Celebrate and create new experiences with everyone around you. Build bridges that go over the institutions so people can come together and share ideas. There are plenty of us waiting for you. You just have to come out some time.

Do something with yourself.

There is nothing to wait for.

Just Do Something!!

Thanks to those who represented:

Prolateriat Productions

The Space Collective

Mitchell Szczepanczyk

Chicago Media Action

World Can't Wait

Radical Cheerleaders

A static society is shackled to itself,

Mobility is the melody of freedom.

As we head towards a culture that is no longer able to depend on gasoline and oil, and that continues to expand into larger and larger metropolitan urban sprawls, we must be constantly aware of our means of mobility. Public transportation will become a major and essential element in our evolving society.

Equal access to each other, on a human level, is a facet of life that should not be overlooked or devalued

Protecting our right to move and gather is an essential element in keeping this, or any, underground scene alive.

We are currently on The Tracking Channel. Human interaction charted like consumer trends. It will become more finely tuned.

Electronic communication is already monitored easily. Tracking the movement of bodies is the now, and will become more finely tuned in the future. Human interaction charted like consumer trends.

The suggestion on that commercial could be misleading.

Train cards attached to bank accounts.

The anonymity of cash vs. the



Number of electronic funds.

Even the program I type on forces me to capitalize my words. whatifidontwantto.

A simple re-examination of our culture. A return to technology as a tool, and not a way of life.

Keep musicminddancewordthoughtideabody free

by Kim

Family Reunion 7 September 17-19, 2006

Since 1999 we have celebrated the underground family reunion. This year we ran into a situation when we lost our skydiving venue two weeks prior. By the time we found a better location in Indiana, word got around that the whole event was cancelled. They ended up being wrong.

Caboose Lake Campgrounds let us camp from Saturday evening till Monday afternoon. We celebrated the Earthdance Peace Prayer as the Lake Street Church in Evanston did as well Saturday night at 7pm. EARTHDANCE is the Global Dance and Music Festival for Peace uniting 200,000 people through 150 Cities in 50 Countries. The energy was beautiful, celebrating simultaneously with everyone around the world as well as the full moon, which made the whole area glow with delight.

Some of the performers were Fermats Quandry, Phil K Swift, Miss Michaela and Lars.

We were also the afterparty for the Login Square event in Chicago called Motion with Adam X and other great acts.


“Earthdance is a day when the world can unite through the universal platform of music and dance to affirm peace and celebrate cultural diversity.” Chris Deckker, Founder

The Orphanage


One person can make a difference.

This is a place where art is able to hang freely on the walls, float casually in the air, and linger on the minds of those who take it in. It is a place where creativity is released and however it goes is really up to you. There is only one thing asked of you and that is that you understand the importance of your participation.

Understand the immediacy of your art, whatever that may mean to you as a creator, a life force and as a voyeur.

The Orphanage, already taking clothing and furniture donations for “God’s Closet,” (The Free to the Poor Thrift Store.) We let those less fortunate than us come in and find treasures to bring home. We also bring clothes to organizations such as the Southwest Women Working Together organization that distributes all the goods (i.e. toiletries, toys, books, educational materials, etc) directly to shelters to help women, children and entire families. People need the basic luxuries like a toothbrush or a novel that can become a little present for someone special. We hear at the Orphanage encourage your participation in the years to come. Let’s get involved in the remapping of community.

Play your music and bang your drums.
DJs, Bands, Artists Performers, and You
Open Mic from 7-9pm Featured Acts 9-11pm
Jam Session Till Midnight Donations Encouraged
Drug and Alcohol Free

:Past Entertainers:

Carla Starla

Controller Variable

Fermats Quandry

Eric I Cue

Big Bear Theory

Chicago Rose

Kevin Adair


Captain Krack

Just Kevin

Stereo Expanders

Notorious Nino

Phil K Swift

Mike Gillenwater

DJ Seven

General Patton

Paul Harris

Alex Zelenka

Lady Foursquare

Hair Polics

Live Wire

Daniel B


Sacred Baboons

The Blissters




Kaiser Soze




Kult 13

Bill Holland

Frankie Naples

Rich Grant


Theo G


Clay Bonifield

Eli Cheesecake

DJ Osiris

DJ Seven

Nate Gonzo Gans

Kevin D’ Ville


Squared Off

La Foo Fawn

Road Crew

Bloody Minded

(and many more)

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