The Future of Food
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future-of-foodThere is a food revolution happening in America today. People are seeking out farmers' markets, organic produce and good restaurants. At the same time, our food supply is increasingly controlled by multi-national corporations. Over the past 10 years, with the advent of genetic engineering and the massive expansion of pesticide companies, like Monsanto, into the seed business, the very nature of our food system has radically changed with potentially disastrous effects on our food security. Patenting of life is now permitted, no labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMO's) in food is required, research is conducted on these issues by universities beholden to the "agri-corps" who fund them, and the major regulatory agencies are run by former execs from these very companies. All the while, the average citizens remain blissfully unaware that they are eating GMO food and supporting the aggressive "corporatization' of their food sources.

In fascinating and accessible terms, 'The Future of Food' illuminates the major issues ultimately affecting us all -- some surreal, some futuristic, many frightening. Yet, 'The Future of Food' is a hopeful film, featuring insightful and moving interviews with farmers, agriculture and business experts and policymakers. It sees a future in which an informed consumer can join the revolution by demanding natural, healthy food sources that insure environmental integrity.

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GMO Food Research | Eli Lilly's rBST/rBGH Pus Milk | Pfizer's Aspartame
Documentary Movies About Monsanto | Books About Monsanto

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Top 10 Facts YOU Should Know About Monsanto


  1. No GMO Labeling Laws in the USA!
  2. Lack of Adequate FDA / USDA Safety Testing
  3. Monsanto Puts Small Farmers out of Business
    Farmer Suicides After GMO Crop Failures
  4. Monsanto Products Pollute the Developing World
    500,000 Agent Orange Babies
  5. Monsanto Blocking Government Regulations
  6. Monsanto Guilty of False Advertising & Scientific FRAUD
  7. Consumers Reject Bovine Growth Hormone rBGH in Milk
  8. GMO Crops Do NOT Increase Yields
  9. Monsanto Controls U.S. Soy Market
  10. Monsanto's GMO Foods Cause NEW Food Allergies

Some GMO foods have been proven in laboratory tests to...
CAUSE: cancer, sterility, miscarriages, seizures and even death!


New Details & Articles: We will be contiually updating this page so check back

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Obama Appoints Monsanto's VP as Senior Advisor to Commioner at FDA:

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Judge who Ruled against Raw Milk quits to work for Monsanto law firm:

Aspartame has been Renamed as 'AminoSweet' Natural Sweetener:

GM crops breed "Economic Dependence... New Form of Slavery," says Cardinal Peter Turkson:

Agent Orange Used to Clear Brazil's Rainforest:

The 2009 update of major corporate ownership and involvement in the organic food sector is now out. The chart graphically focuses on the organic brands with ties to the top 25 food processors in North America. You can view a full-size version of the latest chart by clicking here.

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Only truth will set us free to be, alive and knowing what is going into our bodies every step of these ways. The wayward spirals of nonsence delivering false foods to fill our bodies with sickness.

Buy Locally to support local area farmers using heirloom seeds and Sustainable practices. Here are some Chicago Coops:

Support Local Food Economy

On January 31, family farmers took part in the first phase of a court case filed to protect farmers from genetic trespass by Monsanto’s GMO seed, which contaminates organic and non-GMO farmer’s crops and opens them up to abusive lawsuits.

Tell USDA To Reject Agent Orange Corn: Institute For Responsibile Technology

Tell Obama to cease FDA ties with Monsanto

Toxic Foods to Avoid ---> Toxins A to Z

Check out this coverage at the Washington Post!

Take Action! Become One of the Millions Against Monsanto

Sign Organic Consumers Association's Truth-In-Labeling Petition

California is poised to be the first state with mandatory GMO labeling laws in 2012.

Say NO to GMO: Download informational PDF's

Your Voice For Health:

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In Our Backyard (A Monsanto Introspective) from Namreblis Ekim on Vimeo.

Corrupt US government seeks total control of human food chain via Monsanto

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