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Aloha Ke Akua ॐ


Nahko Bear (Medicine for the People)

Beautiful. Real talk. Yuwipi is going to heal the planet ॐ
Music by Nahko - Aloha Ke Akua.

Visual production by The Mates Group for Estrellas Del Bicentario.
Shot in Mexico with Phantom & Red One Cameras.



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COMING TO CHICAGO Thursday, July 11 with Xavier Rudd


Now is the time for deep change. Nothing will change you but you yourself. Change is no easy task. So let go of all that keeps you in the old cycles and make the last push to change your self throughout. Let go of the noise of thoughts that keep us in the mind and find the stillness and quiet of the consciousness that arises from the heart. Let go of the killing karma and choose a compassionate diet that does not require the death and suffering of our fellow planetary co-inhabitants.

If we can let go of these these things truly - we may each find the key that unlocks the door into the new world. A world of unity, peace, and abundance for all beings, humans and animals alike. Make the choice now. Love or fear - its is for you to decide :-)

The Future of Food
Directed by Deborah Koons Garcia

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future-of-foodThere is a food revolution happening in America today. People are seeking out farmers' markets, organic produce and good restaurants. At the same time, our food supply is increasingly controlled by multi-national corporations. Over the past 10 years, with the advent of genetic engineering and the massive expansion of pesticide companies, like Monsanto, into the seed business, the very nature of our food system has radically changed with potentially disastrous effects on our food security. Patenting of life is now permitted, no labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMO's) in food is required, research is conducted on these issues by universities beholden to the "agri-corps" who fund them, and the major regulatory agencies are run by former execs from these very companies. All the while, the average citizens remain blissfully unaware that they are eating GMO food and supporting the aggressive "corporatization' of their food sources.

In fascinating and accessible terms, 'The Future of Food' illuminates the major issues ultimately affecting us all -- some surreal, some futuristic, many frightening. Yet, 'The Future of Food' is a hopeful film, featuring insightful and moving interviews with farmers, agriculture and business experts and policymakers. It sees a future in which an informed consumer can join the revolution by demanding natural, healthy food sources that insure environmental integrity.

Our Huge Report on Monsanto: CLICK HERE for more info.

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Revelations - Awakening As One
11:11:11 Next Influx of Cosmic Energy

We have said before that “the time has come”, and that “the revolution has begun”. And now, with the passage of time and the willingness to learn we stand in the light of our expanded awareness to see that the Earth does not require a Revolution on the part of humanity, but, rather, she is lovingly urging our Evolution; an evolution that awaits all those who are willing to humble themselves and ‘let go’ of what they know. For, it is only in ‘letting go’ that one may become ‘open like a child’ and receive the grace of world-altering Revelations.

It is with humble hearts and much gratitude that we present the following “Revelations” that have come during our search to determine how we may be of greatest service to the Earth and all living things in these times of great change.Although being faced with these Revelations for the first time, ourselves, caused some degree of anxiety as they went against so much that we thought we ‘knew’ about Life, Light and Service; an earnest search into our own hearts, and a willingness to face the uncompromising truth, has revealed liberating new perspectives on the World-Altering event of the coming Shift, including what it may look like, and how today’s increasingly intense world events will serve to assist Humanity’s Evolution.

“Revelations” also reveals the dangers prevalent within today’s rising “spiritual” and New Age Movements, as we, ourselves have been humbled to experience from the crest of the rising wave. To date, “Revelations” is a piece that is most dear to our hearts as it reflects the lessons that have come from the trials and challenges of our own journey of Awakening.

We greatly appreciate your assistance in helping us spread the message of “Revelations”, and invite all who wish, to download the film and to feel free to present it wherever, however, and to whomever you choose. We also invite you to become a member of the newly launched Awakening As One Community Connector, an online Social Network created with the intention of increasing the connectivity and collaboration amongst all of the people in our expanding global network. Please come, meet others, share your thoughts on “Revelations”, and let us discuss, together, how we may best serve and transition through these times of great change.

Also, on the Community Connector feel free to join us, and other viewers, in a discussion about the materials presented in Revelations by joining the Connector and clicking Discussion With the Film Makers. Or by searching “Ruminations on Revelations” in the Community Connector Discussions.

With that said, we invite you to empty your cup of all you ‘know’, or ‘think you know’, so that you may make room for the possibility of new Revelations,

Have Faith, for we are… Awakening As One

Revelations - Awakening As One - 11:11:11 Next Influx of Cosmic Energy

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