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Ever since Temba Spirit put his life on the line by renouncing his gang affiliation on national television, he has devoted his life to service, spirit, love, and helping others to Reclaim Their Power.

After an early life that included child abuse, gang violence, drugs, homelessness, depression, and incarceration, Temba underwent an amazing spiritual transformation while behind bars at Rikers Island prison. With support and inspiration from Amma, the world-renowned hugging saint from India, not only did Temba fully forgive himself, he transformed his prison time into a spiritual retreat. He initiated a meditation program, distributed spiritual books, and did all he could to help the hurting men who were incarcerated with him to re-awaken their spiritual innocence—showing them by example and through his actions that love was inside of them and there was nothing they could do to change that, no matter how heinous their crimes. Now, over a decade later, the program he started for these men, Circle of Love Inside, has spread all over the U.S. and has become one of the most successful prison outreaches of our time.



Devi2000 c
Debi Buzil and Steve Emmerman head a collective called Devi 2000.  Devi 2000 is Kirtan, live and direct, call and response Sanskrit chanting.  This tradition, based in 14th Century Hindu folk tradition, is exploding in the USA with Western influences.  Debi and Steve met while working together in a Funk Rock group called Marvin Tate's D-Settlement. Debi and Steve both have a world music background: Debi studying in Brazil and India, Steve in Indonesia.  Both also are students and teachers of Yoga. Mainly, Debi's her work as a parent influences the devotional backdrop to her music.  Steve's work as the co-founder of Turbodog Yoga, along with his wife Talya Ring, takes most of his attention.  Thankfully they got their sh*t together to release the latest Devi 2000 project entitled Kum Kum.  

Carla Starla galaxy

DJ Carla Starla

As I sing and spin beats for you. May you rise to the occasion of Divine Greatness and join me in the dance of Loving Life and Music. I want you to remember how special and Magical you truly are.

Carla Starla MCIf you ask me how long I’ve been singing, I’ll tell you I was born singing instead of crying. It's a gift from a higher power and my job is to share that gift with the world. In 1988 I started my music career in Omaha Nebraska, singing and playing bass in a Ska Punk Band called The Conspiracy. We played with inspiring groups like Special Beat, The Toasters, Skankin Pickle and The Blue Meanies. I found myself wanting a change and needing a more diverse larger audience so in 1993 I moved to Chicago and sang backup for the infamous Blue Meanies.

Chicago was the place for me. Wanting to be more in the spotlight where I belonged, I co created a group called Stereotypes with Damon Keller in 1994. I began producing original music, singing/ songwriting alongside, playing violin, bass and midi samples. We were ahead of our time with a down tempo hip hop/ intelligent jungle fusion. I found myself hanging out right in the heart of the Chicago Rave scene where I was blessed to fuse Stereotypes with some of the best promoters at that time. Groups like VBNTS Chicago and Eclectic Grooves. We played with greats like, Del The Funky Homosapien, Maseo of De La Sol and opened for Ms. Lady Kier of Delight at the Metro. That will always be my favorite show to date.

In 1998 I decided to become a DJ. My passionate love affair with House Music made it the most logical choice of style. It’s a Spiritual thing a Body thing a Soul thing you know. This style of music always had a positive message and I think that’s why I’m so drawn to it. I finally had found a perfect niche in singing and DJing. DJ Carla Starla was born. Now for the past thirteen years I have been doing just that. Playing at the world famous Burningman Festival, Rocking Smart Bar Chicago with the likes of Paul Johnson, Kaskade and DJ Heather. I’ve been a guest DJ at a many Freakeasy, Psymbolic and BrilliantlyMad events. With my passion to stay busy and spread the love of Chicago style House, I’m holding down monthly residencies at Cocktail Lounge in Boys Town Chicago, Flight 112 Wine Bar in Elmhurst IL., Underground Wonder Bar and Highball Lounge in Gold Coast Chicago.

For the past two years I have been the resident DJ at Chi Ka Go events which fuse dance, music, art, and poetry. I have been one of the staple DJs collaborating in the Chicago Resonate events for the past 5 years. My goal is to become an international DJ. I want to travel the world, sharing my talents and love with as many countries and cultures as I can.

Shannon Harris


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The development of my anomalous expressions in music is the fruition of a lifetime of musical influences spanning from deep meditation, qi gong, cymatics, binaural beats, isochronic tones, solfeggio frequencies, astrology, cosmogony, Egyptian Sonics, spirituality, veganism, activism, and global community service efforts.  Bringing together people for a positive purpose was my vision behind forming Urbanicity.  My intention is to unify people from different walks of life providing an environment for education and the awareness of our similarities, which will in turn provide open mindedness towards respecting our differences.  Urbanicity is a collective of creative minds coming together to form a new global arts renaissance.

The initial project, "The New World Reveal-A-Solution", started 12 years ago featuring 21 artists from around the world.  The album touched on topics of spirituality, unity, solutions for change, respect for ancestors, self-esteem, and consciousness.   Following this project was "The Urbanicity Dance and Art Studio", which continued on the path of the album's vision.  The events featured multi-media global awareness on genocide in Darfur, Rwanda, Congo, and abroad.

Come to Shannon Harris's Bday celebration this Friday, February 3rd Mashup Event

Join us in celebrating our annual birthday boogie for the Mashups own Kennedy Ashinze along with fellow aquarians and sound bombers Shannon Harris & Dj Newlife.

Aural stimuli and sonic vibrations supplied in abundance by



+ very special guests and fellow aquarians



9.30PM - 2AM

Never a cover - Only big tunes and good vibrations

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