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Art is a tool for transformation, on both a personal and planetary level.
We can use the arts to express our realities, promote and reflect social change, and connect more deeply with ourselves, each other, and the Earth. From the Lascaux cave paintings, to the Egyptian hieroglyphics, to current-day infographics, it has ever been the role of the arts to preserve and promote knowledge.

My works are designed based on the belief that what we hold in our minds eventually happens.

In my art, I work with visions of a harmonious, ecologically thriving world and Awakened states of being, in the hope that viewers of my work will joyfully manifest these states of being in their own lives. A truly open Internet makes it possible to share creative inspiration with vast numbers of people through the arts, and to that end I tag my own with links to the information that inspires it.

Tantric Marriage

Tantric Marriage
(featured on the cover of BM Magazine Issue 2o11)

Within the body, there is a fountain of energy that lay dormant. By studying and practicing the wisdom of the ancients, we may learn to unlock and kindle this sacred fire. As we generate this loving transformation within ourselves, we radiate that frequency out in the world we experience. As we create balance in ourselves, we create balance in the Universe.

I made this piece while I was traveling in India, immersed in asana, pranayama, meditation and lucid dreaming. My studies and resulting experiences gave me a clearer image of the relationships between the Chakras, the nervous & endocrine systems, diet, Prana & Qi, and heightened spiritual experiences. I wanted to embed these teachings of inner balance into the symbolism of the piece.

CHENREZIG by Jennifer Long
Chenrezig - oil on canvas. 24x36 inches, commissioned

Jennifer Michelle Long

My intentions for creative expression are very much aligned with the fact that we are here to create
that when we harmonize with our experience
we are peace in action
spirit in action

Art is a form of activism, it is a sacred language
Available to all people
If more people created ART More peace would be among us*

When we can channel our experience
whether it is happiness and light
or painful and dark

and honor it
express beauty from it

It is a miracle.

I find that when I am in the midst of creation, I am full flow
Everything is possible
and my mind opens up to new ways of perceiving

The physical world presents me with symbols, messengers, feelings,
I am inspired to poetically express them

like a visual song to share
A painted ode

to whatever is inspiring me.

We all have a unique perspective
Our own lens

Of how we see

I think that when we share that it expands us
we grow

whether we realize it or not
It makes an impression
and however we choose to express ourselves
is up to us

We are all magnificent creators.


Love is the key

Liba... poet and painter

My religion is Love.

My philosophy is kindness.
My church is the Cathedral of Nature
My congregation
Is all of creation
A living communion
With Life’s sacred union
my Sisters
my Mother
my Father

my Brothers
the Birds, bees,
lizards, leaves
Mountains, snakes
Deer and lakes
Stars, moon
Sun, cocoon
One common Spirit
One heart without limit

Tree of LifeThe Tree of Life - Oil on wood (86 cm in diameter)
(featured in BM Magazine Issue 2o11)

The symbolism in this painting is sourced from a series of dreams and my understanding of them.
Here is a poem I wrote for the Tree of Life (adapted from my poem Sacred Lovers)

To spin this dream called reality

I becomes a polarity

Lovers veiled in Mystery

She is dark and dressed in Night

He is Day and dressed in light

Their Love spins space and time

Their Love births the tree divine.

We are all leaves on this very tree

The tree is we and we are the tree

Intergalactic Transmission
"Intergalactic Transmission", oil on canvas

Michael S. Angulo
(aka Ninjangulo)
is a creative artist originally from Arizona who, with his wife and five kitty friends, lives just outside Portland Maine in the northeastern United States. It is in Maine he has found the proper blend of civilization and nature which helps inspire him to create his unique styles of both art and music. Educated as a painter and ceramicist in the Fine Arts Bachelor program at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff Arizona, he has pursued a life of relative seclusion, simplicity, edification, nature, love, and of course, An avid fan of conscious underground west coast hip hop, Michael not only has a predilection for cool jazz, trip hop, house/ambient, reggae/ska, and world music, but also creates his own unique styles of musical expression.

Michael's personal music projects include two solo albums released under the moniker Axis Intact, as well as collaborative projects such as the Bombdogs album "Unleashed!" and five albums as an original member of the Poetic Sages Illuminated. In addition to these musical endeavors, Michael has produced an impressive collection of visual works rendered in multiple mediums including oils, colored pencils, sculpture, ceramics, and digital graphics. Most works exhibit bold use of color and complex themes of interdependence, the natural world, sustainability, science-and-technology, and altered states of consciousness. All works, both visual and aural, are available either on his personal website, or on many of the social networking sites such Facebook, Red Bubble, Deviant Art, Last.FM, and Reverb Nation etc..

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