Guidance through Enlightenment

Guidance through Enlightenment

This is where Brilliance and Madness merge, allowing the observance of world perspectives to form a balanced self.

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February 14th, 2011




Artist: Rising Appalachia (R.I.S.E.)
Song: Scale Down
Album: Evolutions In Sound: Live
Directed by Scott B. McKibben
DP: Scott B. McKibben
Camera 2: Imoto Harney
Editor: Scott B. McKibben


For more information on Rising Appalachia go to
A music video by Scott McKibben Photography and Captain Crazy Productions 2010


-----> BE LOVE <-----


February 3rd, 2011


greetings beloved tribe -


I know, it's easy to forget at this time of year
when the skies are steel gray and the ice crystals bite,
that stirring in the cold winds, is the spark of spring, waiting, be ignited by the passion of our purpose...


can you feel the energy of the earth...Quickening...


January 9th, 2011


Daylight dreamer,
you are both young and old.
You take a journey of a thousand miles
without a single step,
seeking the truth of love in the light and dark,
...and the secret wisdom of ancient fools.
Voyager, you would be an architect
of a world without martyrs
where paupers and kings live grateful,
even for tears.


~ Jim Parker

December 6th, 2010


"Metamorphosis" By Cory and Katska Ench


Take chances, make sacrifices, accept challenges, embrace change. Evolve in harmony with Great Mother Earth. Don't fight, don't struggle, allow for the transformation, the metamorphosis to unfold from within. Let the wings of your heart spread wide and fly free. Those that feel the light we share will will stand by you as brothers and sisters eternal...those that are not yet ready to embrace the shared bond will hopefully find their way in time. But never let anything stop you from being who you truly are, triumphantly fulfilling your every dream.

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