Guidance through Enlightenment

Guidance through Enlightenment

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Daily Meditation: Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"The capacity to love without expecting to be loved, and also to work without expecting to be acknowledged or rewarded – this is what you must be able to achieve. Understand that there is no greater obstacle than expecting appreciation for the work you do. You wait and wait, and the waiting is crippling; you lose your enthusiasm. But human beings can only blossom when they are active, when their physical body is active but, above all, when their heart, mind, soul and spirit are active.

By expecting some form of recognition, do you not feel you are limiting yourself, becoming gloomy? Act only because you feel it is useful and good to do so, and for no other reason. Do not expect anything in return, and you will live in freedom and light."

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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PSA to the Chicago Rave Scene

by Nick AutoAxon Elliott on Monday, January 10, 2011 at 4:08pm

Time for a serious discussion, boys and girls.  I've kept these thoughts largely to myself because it's not in my nature to try and tell people what they should and shouldn't do with their lives, and I feel that broad statements on an entire music scene usually don't end up saying anything useful.  But most of my observations on raves in Chicago have been repeating time and time again and in greater intensity, and I felt like I would be doing people a disservice by not mentioning them and presenting some solutions.  Forewarning, I am going to challenge the beliefs some of you hold about yourselves and your lifestyles.  I am also going to challenge the attitudes I see on display on a weekly basis.  I am not doing this to stoke anger or to try and cause hurt feelings, nor to try and make myself appear or feel higher and mightier than you. I do this because I genuinely care about the human beings I encounter in my life and want the best for them, myself and electronic music in Chicago.


From expectant mothers to the ends of the known universe & back into the womb, join us for a stunning & deeply touching meditation journey designed to open all your senses & give perspective to the enormity of our 15 billion lightyear long universe journey into being the source of existence in skin for this experience. This video is a composite of several video sources, Valarien as the music, & DreamingBear narrating.

The Voice of Nature Tour, is a completely unique traveling edutainment experience involving a synthesis of exotic instruments & enchanting music, back-dropped by breakthrough projected time-lapse and CGI visuals, & interdisciplinary quantum poetics designed to infuse audiences with enthusiasm for the magic & wonder of Nature.
Written on Cosmic 23, Blue Crystal Hand, July 19 2011, 3 Cauac

Greetings Tribe of Light!

Red Moon Glyph

In the 13-Moon Natural Time Calendar, we are now nearing the completion of The Red Overtone Moon Year (July 26, 2010 – July 25, 2011). This has been quite a year! The focus of this cycle has been: Purification, Flow, Universal Waters, Self-Remembrance, Empowerment, Taking Command, and Radiating from our connection to our Center, aligned to the Center of All that Is. As is clear to all of us, this year has brought massive change,  personal and planetary, too many examples to list… This is a good time for each of us to take stock of all that we have gone through during this journey around the Sun, contemplating all the ways that we have grown, all that we have learned, and also recognizing the ways we  have yet to grow.

As a planetary family, we are enduring tremendous initiations, living through unprecedented times of record earth changes, climate change, and natural/man-made disasters of all kinds… In these epic days, much crisis and extreme, unfathomable hardship unfold, as do new miracles blooming new colors of love and evolution. Being alive in these times is a vast challenge, a huge honor, and the Greatest Mystery.

The message remains the same: Courage. Compassion. Creativity. Surrendering to the Journey. Intuition. Listening to Earth. Continuing to learn how to live in Harmony and Balance with Nature. Arising as Conscious Agents of Calm and Heart. Following our Inspiration. Living our Purpose. Giving our Gifts to the Whole.  Unifying with Local, Global, and Galactic Community. Opening to the New on every level…

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