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We are bursting with gratitude to all our artists, writers, editors, and designers who have contributed to creating our 2o11 Issue of BrilliantlyMad Magazine. The editorial team worked hard to review nearly 150 submissions that were sent in and approved over 40 to be featured. We have printed 2,500 copies and began releasing them into the world on 11:11:11.

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BrilliantlyMad Issue 2o11


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We convene at yet another beginning as you unfold these pages and open yourself to this BrilliantlyMad experience. Let us take a journey together, align our individual microcosms to the eternal macrocosm, and trust in the faith that has set us here now.

Ever since 1998 BrilliantlyMad has been guiding the populace to be open to possibilities of beauty in every moment of existence, to find joy in every being and allowing this to expand indefinitely. Our philosophy is to balance the poles of the universe and unite together rather than separate into dualities that cause so much conflict and confusion in the world. Love, compassion and harmony is the key to understanding this oneness. Through social events, Web connections and print publications we bring together communities, spread positive vibrations and embrace the theory of balance and equilibrium in the universe.

Crossing the threshold into 2012, BrilliantlyMad moves through our 13th moon and into a new phase. Our LeaderShip is navigating the ‘see’ and assembling visionaries with vivid dreams of peace and synchronicity within Human Kind, Mother Earth and Father Sky. We coalesce and aspire to enhance your life experience and provide a beacon of light in a world with much darkness. Let us join together with you and all become teachers of the grandest kind, shaping the communities we live in and changing the world one voice at a time.

Our past steps reverberate memories mirrored in reflective visions, reminding and transitioning us into our spontaneously loving selves. It is now time to rebirth, shift and mature in body, mind and spirit. Shed your exterior skin of the world and find the common thread of humanity. Continue to release what does not serve you and expand your divine potential. We are waiting patiently, with open arms, ready to love you without fear.

As one member of the collective wrote:

“Daylight dreamer, you are both young & old.
You take a journey of a thousand miles
without a single step,
seeking the truth of love in light & dark,
breathing in the secret wisdom of ancient fools.
Voyager, you would be an architect
of a world without martyrs
where paupers & kings live grateful,
even for tears.”

BrilliantlyMad. . .aren’t we all??

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