"Last night was, quite possibly, my favorite Chi! Ka! Go! yet. Thank you to all dancers, poets, healers, acro yogis, musicians, painters, coordinators, smiling faces, new and familiar and re-new and re-familiar... I am so blessed to know you and be alive with you!!!"
- Coelti

"chi ka go was an incredible "boost" of positivity, which it seems me and my loved ones have been riding right into the full moon and are now surfing into the Solstice! lots of beautiful praying, jamming, and vibing has been goin down. uncontrollable serendipity! lots of exciting new relationship energies/landscapes/potentials (!!)

once again, i want to express great gratitude for bringing the chi ka go community together. it was a truly beautiful, remarkable night of heart-opening communion for all. thank you, thank you.”

"Sending Blessings to Chi!Ka!Go! tonight! What an incredible community we are, made up of so many Beautiful and Amazing beings! I so wish I could be there tonight to hug you all. Know that I am with you in Spirit and I Love each and every one of you!! Love and Light ~ Namaste ? ? ?" -Lakshmi Devi Luster


"You were certainly felt tonight beautiful =) I love you all so incredibly much. Thank you for an amazing first Chi!Ka!Go! everyone... We are so blessed!!!" -Jared Lyons


"Such high beautiful amazing co-created vibrations last night at chi-ka-go!!! Many thanks to the creators... John, Carla and Dave! And much LOVE to contributors of the poetry circle!!! AMAZING!! not to mention the artists, healers, musicians, dj's, dancers, meditaters, chillers, pie eating socializers, missed ones, and those outside holding the space... or everyone!!! LOVE!!!! ?" -Tracey Ostrand


"Sending much love and light to my Chi! Ka! Go! family. So much love to all you beautiful, graceful, amazingly talented, inspiring and conscious beings. Thanks for all that you do to hold space for growth and positive change in this world. Your support mean more to me than you know. Last night was the bestest, keep shining! ? ? ?" -Angelique Nelson


"What a midnblowingly amazing weekend!! The Spin Jam was funner than ever and everyone loved the ruben's tube. The Salon went amazingly well and we're planning on throwing another one next month! And last but not least, last night's Chi Ka Go was so insane... my singing moved people to tears and it completely moved ME! Thank you everyone who was a part of my weekend, you made it AMAZING ? :D ?" -Talia Sassounes


"had a blast at Chi! Ka! Go! last night. Thank you to everyone who made it happen! Thank you for making this an incredible event!" -Greg Firak


 "What a great night! Thank you all for the magic and the beautiful sharing. Love you all." Brian Allemana


"it was a blast last night, so many beautiful flowers in their most joyful expression creating almost intoxicating heart space... and Carla's live band was rocking!" -Arek Sky Dancer


"Every one who ever was or ever intended to be at Chi Ka Go was definitely felt there in spirit even if their physical body was not in attendance. Thank you everyone for the magical energy shared that night. I think it was more than any of us could have ever imagined. ?" -Sarah Lombardi


"How blessed we all are, Thank you all for overflowing our community with expansive love and light! Our inspiration is infinite! ?" -Marla Shuman


"How awesome was last night???? So many people, so much poetry, so much music, so much fun! Thanks!" Bill McLaughlin


"Thanks to all who helped create, celebrate, populate, and hold space for BrilliantlyMad’s Chi!Ka!Go! 1 yr. anniversary...my heart and body are still buzzing, with blisters on my feet to match. Hope to continue the magic this weekend at Synphoria - Heart Centered Celebration, Ripple Effect - A Huge Party with a Concert in the Center, and Green Gratitude ThanksLiving Dinner Dance. Namaste!" -Ryan Lee

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