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State of Our Media

With the closing down of the Independent Press Association and other news outlets shutting their doors we are in big trouble.

The withering away at our last remaining freedoms is a direct result of ignorance through propaganda. This is able to take place because of the consolidation of our media and those with financial clout who oversee what is "news worthy". Only six companies own most of our total news outlets in America and these giants are reaching out across the world for even greater power.

Stories you learn all have some kind of influence and you should find out the true motives of the voices you are listening to. We hope to shed light on those media's to be skeptical about (ex. Fox's "unbalanced" News) and those who you should pay more attention to (ex. The Nation and Media Alliance).

You hold the power to call your representatives or simply change the channels on your screen. From cable television and print media to the broader internet spectrum you should support critically honest media instead of the dangerous propaganda machines.

Speak truth to power by choosing the content you want to soak up. The age of consumption with the all absorbing self has even manufactured "Reality TV". What kind of world should we leave behind to the next generations? Or, maybe, we are just oblivious to our personal realties and stuck in our ego-selves.

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