BM Magazine Issue 2: Free The System


-Drug War
-Special Reports
-Concentration Camps
-Ways to Get Involved

The New World Orders have taken shape in various policies of the past and we hope to expose a few large ones in this section. We open this, just like every section, up to you to pass around this knowledge while redirecting other truths you know back to us. Yes, war is wrong and usually has various sorts of propaganda inserted into the general population. Thanks to Fox News and other news agencies we can watch as much disinformation as we can sit through.

Here's a collection of new stories that were or are about to be fed to you from the propaganda think tanks. We feel the Drug War needs to be talked about first since now the main propagated story is the War on Terrorism and these past wars of false studies, fear tactics and incarceration.

Please join us as we put together these lessons and your own to form a more complete storyline to work within so we can build a more stable society that doesn’t depend on lies and winning over our neighbors of Earth.

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