BM Magazine Issue 1: Artistation

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Love is the Bridge to Reality

Midwest's PLUR

It's about the PEACE. Escaping to a place where we can all put the drama aside and move our bodies to the beat, where we are free to believe, when a kikin vibe fills our souls.

It's about the LOVE. Showing it through a hug, kiss, a sticker...Love for the music. Love for each other. Love for ourselves. No place on Earth can so much positive energy be released and absorbed.

It's about UNITY. Coming together as one. Seeing through all our differences, focusing on similarities, we are all in this together.

It's about RESPECT. The ability to expand our minds for the better. Respect for each other, each others' choices. Respect for ourselves, our belongings and surroundings, we know how it's done.

Remember: It's all what we make it! Support our scene, Love each other, come together and enjoy every minute of it! Thank You for coming out, You are Loved.
Keep it real, stay true to OUR scene.

Written by Kae

A scene built on unity, subculture, and love,

replaced by the handshake was a warm embracing hug.
I was amazed by this scene, taken for a ride by the beat,
disregarded reality, to glide on my feet.
It was a land like no other, like a trip to outer space.
Sweet sounds of House music, and that dope Drum and Bass.
All the kids I once knew, all vanished into air.
Or moved on with their lives, left the scene with no care.
I still stare into the speakers every weekend I can
surrounded by superficial label whores that took over this land.
I wish kids would come down and the bullshit would stop.
Quit trying to stab your homies just to get to the "top".
No love for one another, the music is no longer heard,
now replaced by greed, and satisfying ones own needs.
For all that feel my vibe, and are on the same wave,
I'll see you all by the speakers on a much better day......
(rave, for the love, the music, the vibe, nothing else......)
- Jacob

Copyright BrilliantlyMad 2013