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Our 2006 Year in Review

"Explicate" by Michael S. Angulo

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-Family Reunion
-The Orphanage
-The Note
-Get Freaky on Friday
-Entheon Village
-El Fuego del Sol
-Detroit E.M.F.
-Goodbye Wonderland
-Drum and Bass Liberation

Pictures Gallery Thousands of pictures await for you amongst our albums. Please send us any pictures you would like share to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We appreciate all the wonderful energies that have crossed through the atmosphere and we always love to see you smiling and dancing. Support scenes that support you.

Family Reunion 8 campout festival
Every year since 1999 we have brought together the underground Chicago community for an annual outdoor festival. In 2006 we hosted our largest event as 600 dedicated campers explored 5 stages of electronic music at Black River Falls, Wisconsin. Thanks to all the memories and music. If you would like to perform, volunteer at or attend this year’s retreat email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

The Orphanage Sunday Nights

643 W. 31st St.
Bridgeport, Chicago

The Orphanage has been described as a community "where art is allowed to hang freely on the walls," and each week the center has an open mic and with a variety of different genres of music along with a potluck that allows the crowd to mingle and make new friends. One of the best-kept secrets in Chicago.

I Love House @ The Note every Wednesday night
Throughout the entire year of 2006 house music found a home at the Note. Every Wednesday on Milwaukee Avenue, BrilliantlyMad, Doin It Doin It Productions and Alley Soul hosted the best house night in Chicago. With residents like Gene Hunt and Jamie 3:26 it's easy to see how over 300 people regularly dance till 4am, with many people still waking up for work early Thursday morning. Every Wednesday brought out different crowds to the dancefloor and set it on fire. Some of the past guests included Paul Johnson, Mark Grant, Steve Silk Hurley, Glenn Underground and Lady D.

Get Freaky on Friday every Friday night
Bringing it back to 1999 with our Get Freaky on Friday series was a treat during 2006. We teamed up with lots of local Chicago crews to bring a variety of events together every Friday night. Several shows stick out and a few repeat every week. Some intimate and others stationed at clubs around the city, there was plenty of choices to pick from.

Our Warehouse Series was the most exciting and held at a huge 21,000 sq ft underground location hosted by Chicago Royalty. Some DJs including Traxx, Trancid, Local Hero, Oddball and Live Wire along with others threw down amazing sets. Another hot spot was The Lab where the No Affiliation and Pranksta crews dropped some great events to get freaky at.

Ladies in the House brought an all female lineup to DeKalb. Jen Z, Miss J and Karizma all headlined from Missouri while Carla Starla, Disko Kitty and Robbi drove from Chicago alongside local DeKalb band, Candy Sweat. The House Café hosted the first half of the night with the after-hours going late at a local residence.

Another special GFOF event was Eight:18 taking place at Unity Church, which was a wonderful spiritual dance party that happened on the first Friday of every month. Going from 7pm till midnight, this event combined over several areas to explore and had a variety of activities such as dancing, drum circles, mediations, massage, chill area and a wide selection of booths.

Entheon Village BurningMan Community
Entheon, meaning “a place to discover the spirit within,” is an effort to promote sustainable cultural re-evolution that heals relationships between the people of the earth and our planet. The mission of Entheon is to demonstrate a future in which sustainability, ecological responsibility, environmental stewardship, and meditative and mystical consciousness are a welcomed and integrated part of society, and where art, spirituality and creativity is central to that vision. Entheon will be a grounded gathering place offering an intellectual, therapeutic, artistic and creative cornucopia of interactive opportunities. Lectures, workshops, renewable energy demonstrations, visionary art, zen meditation in a zendo, holotropic breathwork sessions, and performance come together in the spirit of celebration to co-create our shared vision of global healing and a broader awareness of ecological responsibility and the utopian spirit.

El Fuego del Sol Dominican Republic
We had a great opportunity to explore this new venture in the Dominican Republic. We assisted in documenting the beginnings of El Fuego del Sol and experienced how the locals in the area live. Kevin Adair started this alternative energy eco village that is changing the way people can interact with the D.R. and Haiti by providing jobs and making sun ovens.

DEMF Memorial Day Weekend
For the past few years we have covered the Detroit Electronic Music Festival and captured the dancing and thrills of the participants. DEMF is an electronic music showcase held in Detroit each Memorial Day weekend since 2000. Always a great time in the open air amidst all the stages throughout the weekend.

Wonderland's Final Year Source Productions
Source productions throws it’s final Wonderland event (or so we thought until they brought it back in 2009). It’s time to let the past slip away so we can move onto better events for our community.

Drum & Bass Liberation Front 1 through 3
Who can forget these wild parties over the past year if you went? We set up dungeons at the first two and had a great time challenging peoples perception. The Drum & Bass soldiers took over and represented this style that has kept the underground interested year after year.

The People's Republic of Delicious Food

The Manifesto

We, Those ambitious and bold enough to step forward and declare that we need more bread and more circuses from our nation.

We, Those restless and hungry to cling to life, to suck the marrow from it, and burn with understanding that time is short and there is much to do before we have to leave this place.

We, gathered together by our own will and intent, have created our Nation, the People's Republic of Delicious Food, for the good of humanity and the glorification of our own souls.

We hold in the highest regard a being's need to communicate and express themselves and find it imperative that no such expression should be subverted for any reason. If we cannot stand to have our views challenged, then we will never understand what we see.

We love and intend to create fantastic sounds and experiences, the likes of which have never been conceived of nor experienced by humanity. We reject the sentiment that there is nothing new under the sun. We reject cynicism.

We possess no land (yet), but claim all that is before us, above us, without us and within us as our country. The sovereignty of our state lies within the sovereignty of our selves. Like the Jews, we are an itinerant people, taking our culture with us wherever we go; homeless, but at home with each other.

We offer our art, our techniques, and our experiences to anyone who would like to involve themselves. Whether for hire, for fun, or for obligation, we will be ourselves. We possess not greed, but only the desire to be able to continue to do what we will, to liberate the dry and dying hearts of those who wish to step free of the ordinary.

We, the People, the Citizens of this Great Republic, declare ourselves united and autonomous. We have transcended the notion of love it or leave it. We are staying right where we are, and are affecting change from within.


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