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Where is the true self located? The battles with addictions and propaganda surround us daily and infiltrate our mind's eye. It's important that we continue rescuing our awareness of the other self that lies within our soul. Our mental commons are under siege from all sides and we need to fight this greatest battle of our lives surrender to the light and meditate into our freedom.
We convince that ourselves we are victims, unable to ever gain control in this fixed unchangeable point of view. We hold addictions like traditions and become sublimated into complete unconscious oblivion. The apathy takes control over every part of our body and shuts off our intuition substituting instant gratifications. We become impatient with the world and avoid our fear of failure through these drugs.

You can't erase your footprints but you can instantly put yourself on another path altogether constantly relocating and shaping it. Living in the NOW will let you create new paths of reality. Instead of fearing or hoping for something, you'll be able to sit back and soak in this beautiful existence. Release all the pressures.

Respond with the appropriate emotions in difficult situations and you can start utilizing the great power of your mind. Break free from self-centeredness and it's ego domination.


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One billion women violated is an atrocity. One billion women - and men -- dancing is a revolution. Join ONE BILLION RISING at

*Trigger Warning* A film by Eve Ensler & Tony Stroebel


Surrender this battle with yourself. Illuminate the hate and cast it away with the fear that has held you in it's grips. Regain your voice to speak out truths of love in the universe. To unveil eyes to see and hearts to feel.

We ask you to join the billions. We are the light of the universe, it's time to shine bright through the shadows and awaken every last one.


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State of Our Media

With the closing down of the Independent Press Association and other news outlets shutting their doors we are in big trouble.

The withering away at our last remaining freedoms is a direct result of ignorance through propaganda. This is able to take place because of the consolidation of our media and those with financial clout who oversee what is "news worthy". Only six companies own most of our total news outlets in America and these giants are reaching out across the world for even greater power.

Stories you learn all have some kind of influence and you should find out the true motives of the voices you are listening to. We hope to shed light on those media's to be skeptical about (ex. Fox's "unbalanced" News) and those who you should pay more attention to (ex. The Nation and Media Alliance).

You hold the power to call your representatives or simply change the channels on your screen. From cable television and print media to the broader internet spectrum you should support critically honest media instead of the dangerous propaganda machines.

Speak truth to power by choosing the content you want to soak up. The age of consumption with the all absorbing self has even manufactured "Reality TV". What kind of world should we leave behind to the next generations? Or, maybe, we are just oblivious to our personal realties and stuck in our ego-selves.

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Battle for your Mind

Everyone can meet the challenge of finding a voice. Yet only some exercise this right and few have found a platform. BrilliantlyMad wants to help build this platform to define and translate the beauty and ignorance in society. We are on a mission to bring about positive change while expanding the awareness of a jilted generation.

We aim to challenge our readers and to strive for enlightenment through creative passion. We encourage you to participate rather than be spectators so everyone can gather under solidarity and promote the power of community. This unity is the strength that gives us courage and hope for the future. Only within the realms of a positive attitude can we rejuvenate ourselves.

Join the BrilliantlyMad Movement and utilize your freedom of speech while it is still available. You have the power to voice you ideas in every issue and share your wisdom with the world.



A person whose creative work shows sensitivity and imagination.

A local headquarters or center of work of some kind.

by Michael S. Angulo


-Drug War
-Special Reports
-Concentration Camps
-Ways to Get Involved

The New World Orders have taken shape in various policies of the past and we hope to expose a few large ones in this section. We open this, just like every section, up to you to pass around this knowledge while redirecting other truths you know back to us. Yes, war is wrong and usually has various sorts of propaganda inserted into the general population. Thanks to Fox News and other news agencies we can watch as much disinformation as we can sit through.

Here's a collection of new stories that were or are about to be fed to you from the propaganda think tanks. We feel the Drug War needs to be talked about first since now the main propagated story is the War on Terrorism and these past wars of false studies, fear tactics and incarceration.

Please join us as we put together these lessons and your own to form a more complete storyline to work within so we can build a more stable society that doesn’t depend on lies and winning over our neighbors of Earth.

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