11:11:11 by John Sacelli

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John Sacelli integrated the 11:11 numerology with the 11 dimensions of string theory, to bring together the 'scientific' and 'spiritual' perspectives at the Sky Lab at the 11:11:11 Chicago Conscious Coalescence

What is the meaning of 11/11/11? It is that we, primitive, pugilistic and petty, tiny beings, residing on an insignificant planet of a 3rd class star at the age of a galaxy of no particular import lost among millions of other galaxies in a universe among an infinite number of other universes in a multidimensional multiverse - - - are being given the opportunity to know the secrets of All Creation. Everywhere. And Everywhen. And Everyone.

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John Sacelli is an 'Urban Shaman', Meditation and Dream Teacher who lives in Chicago. John has uncovered Angelish, the Original Language. He is the author of The Angelish Dictionary, Lynx in Time - the 1960's, and along with visionary artist Chris Deschaine the AngeLynx Oracle Deck. He can be reached at 773 761 0252, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or through www.angelynx.com.


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