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Life Warrenty 

-Internal Escapism
-External Addictions
-Uplifting Quotes
-Master Lessons
-Giving Up Addictions

Where is the true self located? The battles with addictions and propaganda surround us daily and infiltrate our mind's eye. It's important that we continue rescuing our awareness of the other self that lies within our soul. Our mental commons are under siege from all sides and we need to fight this greatest battle of our lives surrender to the light and meditate into our freedom.
We convince that ourselves we are victims, unable to ever gain control in this fixed unchangeable point of view. We hold addictions like traditions and become sublimated into complete unconscious oblivion. The apathy takes control over every part of our body and shuts off our intuition substituting instant gratifications. We become impatient with the world and avoid our fear of failure through these drugs.

You can't erase your footprints but you can instantly put yourself on another path altogether constantly relocating and shaping it. Living in the NOW will let you create new paths of reality. Instead of fearing or hoping for something, you'll be able to sit back and soak in this beautiful existence. Release all the pressures.

Respond with the appropriate emotions in difficult situations and you can start utilizing the great power of your mind. Break free from self-centeredness and it's ego domination.


--Take Action Now--
One billion women violated is an atrocity. One billion women - and men -- dancing is a revolution. Join ONE BILLION RISING at

*Trigger Warning* A film by Eve Ensler & Tony Stroebel


Surrender this battle with yourself. Illuminate the hate and cast it away with the fear that has held you in it's grips. Regain your voice to speak out truths of love in the universe. To unveil eyes to see and hearts to feel.

We ask you to join the billions. We are the light of the universe, it's time to shine bright through the shadows and awaken every last one.



Brothers & Sisters,

ALOHA Divine Miracles of Love ♥ You are so precious and I wish you the medicine to cleanse your whole self ~~ to UNITE your holy existence in praise and remembrance to who you really are... unseparated / unbounded.

Please STOP SMOKING (and ingesting toxins)!! Please.... no more excuses. It was never cool & it's killing the community, literally. There's plenty more actions & mental processes to develop in our journey into true consciousness, so by no means shall we stop there in order to realize our light. We are united in this full spectrum of the rainbow kindred! Circular flows, we reap what we sows, into the bountiful thread of existence, we allow patience to grant all beings presents, fulfilling the truths of abundance.


Stop Smoking NOW

"The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature." (Joseph Campbell)

Everything is shifting drastically as time collapses into union with the present moment. Be fully into your divine self & dissolve the illusions holding resistance in your path.

"Tap me out & tap me into you. Heal my brain & my body too. Balance my chemistry & hydrate these cells. The body talks & meditation helps. Each day that I wake, I will praise. I give thanks" (Medicine for the People)

Be well awakened dear one from your slumber from TransFormNation into HighBearNation. You are so needed to be clear at this time & place. Be fortunate for all truth that you manifest. There's no other place to be, except in love.

"If I go into the place in myself that is love & you go into the place in yourself that is love, we are together in love. Then you & I are truly in love, the state of being love. That is the entrance to Onenes... You fall in love, and you just keep falling until everything has fallen away." (Ram Dass)

We mirror each other constantly, what we want to see, what we believe we see.... who we think we are, what we want others to see us as... blocked behind the conditioning we have set forth in our lives, from our cultures, passed down through our parents and repeated throughout all media channels.


Give up... surrender. There's no more battle, is and always was .... an illusion.


Time to break free... no attachments to the lies we lived as truth. The body knows this and our emotions must balance the strung out feelings that direct our addictive behaviors.


You are so much more than you can possibly imagine. There's only one way up but we must first forgive and release the chains holding us down.


Everyone must choose.


I choose no more toxins in my life.

I choose YES to life and love in all forms <3

The Divine in me greets the Divine in you with Infinite light, in all ways full of gratitude ♥

Be patient with your self
Meet me here now
♥ I Love You ♥
-Brother Big Heart

Many people either have too much energy or not enough. Addictions contain triggers to balance these confusing times. We believe they will release excess energy or give us more. Which is why physical activity is crucial and absolutely necessary to kick any habit. Fitness both gives you energy and also helps you release excess energy and balance out your brain with what you need to feel good instead of finding these unhealthy addictions to do it.

That's half the battle, then there the psychological part, or whatever it is that is lacking in your life that you are replacing with addictions or whatever you are repressing with drugs.

The key is action. Doing healthy things that make you feel good and don't kill you. Like exercise, interacting with healthy people, having fun, etc. it's not as hard as you would think, but the only way to teach is by example.

mmmm, simple concepts but it's amazing how many people know it and don't live it. However there is a lot of people that have no idea how they would go about letting something go and developing will power, but it can be taught or learned.


“By losing touch with our ground we have lost the sense of our intricate connection with all life. We become ruled by a part instead of the whole – and, furthermore, a part that is isolated, fragmented, and out of touch. Ignoring the ground, it is no wonder that we face a health care crisis and ecological destruction.”

“In an alienated and “ungrounded” culture, where most values do not favor the body or its pleasures, we develop pain. Our bodies hurt after a day at the computer or a day of driving. The stress of competition and fast living do not give us a chance to rest and renew, or to process that hurt, to release it. As we develop pain, we become, ironically, more resistant to grounding, for to ground is to be “in touch.” Getting in touch means feeling that pain. Yet this is the first step in making ourselves whole so that we begin to heal.”

Anodea Judith, Ph.D. “Wheels of Life”



Avoid self sabotage, take time to ground & center.... you know its necessary for your wellbeing

Quiet time each day is so important,but many are so out of practice that it’s almost unnerving to be in stillness.

It’s funny to imagine our lives as something we spend a lot of time avoiding, because it seems like that would be impossible to do. Our lives consist of everything we engage in, from showering to sleeping, but also a lot of busy work that distracts us and keeps us from looking at our lives. Experiencing our life from the inside means taking time each day to simply be alone and quiet in the presence of our soul. Many of us are so out of practice that it’s almost unnerving to have a moment to ourselves. As a result, we may have stopped trying to carve out that time to take a seat at the center of our lives.

One of the reasons it can be uncomfortable to sit with ourselves is because when we do, we tend to open ourselves to an inner voice, which might question the way we’re living or some of the choices we’re making. Sometimes the voice reminds us of our secret, inner yearnings, dreams we thought we had forgotten. When we already feel overwhelmed by our busy schedules, the idea of hearing this voice can be exhausting. However, its reflections are the chords that connect us to our authentic selves, and they are the very things that make our lives worth living. When we continually avoid connecting with our life, we risk losing out on the very purpose of our existence.

To begin the process of being more present and less absent in your life, you might want to set aside just a few minutes each day to simply sit with yourself. This doesn't mean watching a movie or reading a book, but taking time each day for self-examination to avoid the avoidance, to be with yourself in an open way. After a while, you may start to enjoy this part of the day so much that you make less busy work for yourself, so that you can spend more time at the center of your own life, rather than hovering like a planet around the sun.

Daily Om ♥



Alan Watts

Internal Escapism

We escape into our minds daily through various forms of consciousness and reality, reinventing ourselves when we please. Every time we open our eyes it seems to be through a barrage of thoughts, delusions, hallucinations and our general perception of the world around. We create our own reality by merely thinking too much. The more we think, the more we move further away from reality.

Our senses trigger feelings throughout our body. Our perceptions respond to these sensations, therefore possibly distorting the actual truth at the time. We create illusions of life and escape into them any time we please. The Latin root word of illusion is ludere, meaning, "to play." Mr. Krishnamurti says we create illusions when we "play with something that is not actual," and when we are "incapable of facing what is actually taking place in oneself." Our inability to determine what reality truly is.

We dive into our illusions so much that we start taking the real world for granted; ignoring the natural environment around us, and becoming addicted to sensations we have created. "If you can't control your emotional state, you must be addicted to it," as told in the film "What the bleep do we know?"

In America there are so many addictions that are being sold to us from the advertising industries: Food addictions, media addictions, drug addictions, political addictions, beauty addictions, shipping addictions, money addictions and so on. This has created a disruptive environment where it is easier for the individual and the whole family to have a total breakdown. We lost our sense of self and fool ourselves time and time again. We find groups that support our habits so we maintain our denial of actualities.

"Paralyzed by information, lost in distractions, distanced by isolation, we simply wait for the moment when by some miracle we blink."

-James MacKinnon

In order to break away from addiction you should look at life simply and openly. Listen to your inner voice and live like you have already lived once, reflecting on the mistakes before you react. Start making the best decisions, not just the quickest ones, and you'll find yourself experiencing instant karma.

Mind Material

Most people have two of themselves wrapped up in their own head that fight against each other. These selves are one of trueness and one of falsities. Now, if you're like me, you have many faces to conflict with inside. I believe that we are unaware and let the false self take control and harvest impulsive thoughts, behaviors, actions, and attitudes at times in our lives. For some though, it creates a struggle (addiction) be it to drugs, alcohol, sex, food, and yes, even drama. The pressure of existence alone or things being done in excessiveness can cause the falsities to take over and crave false euphoria's. Thus, producing the sense of escaping whatever drove the false self out in the first place. It is only when you let your true self direct it's energy to knowing your own soul, that you will become more spiritually strengthened with more positive inner self's. Your own perception of self and surroundings is what you will see and live.

Deanna Blomquist

External Addictions

-Substances & Drugs
-Eating & Food
-Sex & Beauty
-Technology & Television

In Issue #1 we uncovered that you can find the soul by uniting the heart and mind. Immediately, I ask myself, what is the soul and how do I find it? Dr. David Frauley, director of the American Institute of Vicki tudies says, "Energy is the spirit, which is formless."

The nearest dictionary had the following; "The life principle, especially in man, originally regarded as an animating vapor infused by the breath, or as bestowed by a deity."

I could quote more definitions people wrote on the supposed qualities of the soul, but for our purpose we can say it has no perceivable form. The dictionary says that from the beginning, the spirit was regarded as life itself and that we breathe it in so that we may live.

Bryon Medina

Uplifting and Powerful Quotes

"A new environment makes all the difference in the world."

"Survival is not possible if one approaches his environment, the social drama, with a fixed, unchangeable point of view-the witless repetitive response to the unperceived."
Marshall McLuhan "The Medium is the Message"

"If you know the why to live, you can find almost any how."

"Take the responsibility to find the right answer to its problems and to fulfill the tasks which it constantly sets for each individual."
Victor E. Frankel

"You are a beauty of uniqueness ready to triumph over everything you do. Stopping you is your own self. You have the opportunity to change so why don't you take it?

What you pay attention to, is what you become conscious of. The more you focus on one thing, the less time you have for everything else. Switching jobs might bring you to a whole new career just like changing the dial on your television can show you a whole new channel. The same is true for addictions. When you leave one thing behind you will gain even more. The things you were unconscious of will come into clear view.

Learn to live in the present now instead of hoping for something else. We must learn to create new realities in our minds instead of processing someone else's. Freedom is not something we get to; it's the place we start from.

To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting."
e. e. cummings

"The Slenderest knowledge of the highest things is more desirable than the most certain knowledge of lesser things."

"Science is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life."
Immanuel Kant

"Why do we try to create our own little worlds so we have the illusion of being completely in control of our entire existence, when we know with absolute certainty that we are not?"
Bradley Trevor Greive from "The Meaning of Life"

"Just as genes propagate themselves in the gene pool by leaping from body to body via sperms or eggs, so memes propagate themselves in the meme pool by leaping from brain to brain via a process which, in the broad sense, can be called imitation."

"We should not seek immortality in reproduction. But if you contribute to the world's culture, if you have a good idea, compose a time, invent a spark plug, write a poem, it may live on, intact, long after your genes have dissolved in the common pool.
Richard Dawkins from "Selfish Genes and Selfish Memes"

"Freedom is not at the end, but at the beginning. The principle or idea or image from which all thinking begins and reactions come.

We all want wider and deeper experiences that are more intense, more alive, not repetitive that will make us much more sensitive. Organized pleasure.

Experience according to your temperament.

Taking any drug and getting into a certain state of emotional tension is utterly detrimental establishing a certain habit and making the mind dull through its dependence on that stimulant.

Condemnation, justification, rationalization are forms of escape from the fact."
J. Krishnamurti "To Be Human"

Knowledge from some Masters

You and I can change. Not just superficially, or temporarily. We can stop doing the things that hold us back or cause us suffering and create a life filled with meaning and happiness. But it's not easy, as anyone who has tried to change a habit or do something new knows.

To bring new behavior into being takes work. Our brains have enormous "plasticity," meaning they can create new cells and pathways. But our brains create strong tendencies to do the same thing over and over. Here's why: our neurons (brain cells) that fire together wire together. Meaning, they have a strong tendency to run the same program the next time. That's why lasting change takes lots of practice; you've got to create a pathway to the new options. (Six to nine months, say many brain scientists--so much for those seven-day wonder programs.) The process is not about getting rid of bad habits-the pathway to your current behavior is there for life, baby-but building new, more positive ones. Even stopping doing something, like smoking, is really about creating a good new habit, nonsmoking.

Our brain structure is also why you've got to put external reminders in place, at least in the beginning. Unless we have a trigger from the outside-a note, a email reminder, a friend who shows up at the door to go to the gym with you--it's very likely you'll keep defaulting to the old behavior because it's automatic. That's also why it's so important to be willing to start over no matter how often you blow it or get discouraged.


Hope is poison, and because of this poison you have mistaken death to be life. Today you are unhappy, but the mind says that tomorrow everything will be all right. Today there is no happiness, but the mind says, "Wait, tomorrow everything will be fine." This is the way the mind has led you up till now -- it has been giving you hope. The day you give up hope you will wake up. Hope is a dream.

Have you ever thought how hope affects you in life? Hope says, "Don't worry about today. Whatever happens does not matter. But tomorrow you will definitely attain heaven." This very hope has made you understand that there is nothing to worry about even if this life is lost because you will get heaven after death. This is the expansion of hope. Hope says 'tomorrow'. Hope says 'future'. Hope says 'more life'! But if the revolution of life is to occur, it will occur just now and here.

Do not depend on tomorrow; tomorrow never comes. Tomorrow is a lie. And the hope which is giving you the assurance about tomorrow is the cause of creating these dreams in you. Whatever is to be done is to be done today. Whatever is to be is to be today. Do not hope for more than today.

It will be quite shocking at first. With the disappearance of hope you will become absolutely dejected. You will feel that you have become totally hopeless. But if you are ready to live without hope you will find that if there is no hope in life, then there is no hopelessness either.

Hopelessness is the reverse of hope and it will disappear with hope. Life without hope is life without hopelessness. Then there is neither hope nor hopelessness. That is the stability. The flame stays in the middle. Then there is no wavering. That is the condition of unwavering consciousness.



If you are too afraid of madness you cannot be in love, you cannot meditate, you cannot pray, because all of these dimensions are, in a way, mad dimensions -- you will be going beyond the normal boundary of humanity. The normal, routine, workaday world, the normal logic, reason, the so-called normal humanity -- you will be going beyond it, you will be transcending it. It will look like madness.

Bauls say,
Mad, mad, we are all mad!
Why is this word so derogatory then?
Diving deep into the heart's stream,
you will find that no one is better than, the one who is mad.

Madness is possible in two ways: either you fall below the normal, or you go above the normal. In both ways you become mad. If you fall below the normal you are ill; you need psychiatric treatment to be pulled back to normality. If you go beyond the normal you are not ill. For the first time you are becoming really healthy, because for the first time you are filled with wholeness. Then don't be afraid. If your madness brings you more sanity in life, then don't be afraid. And remember, the madness that is below the normal is always involuntary; that is the symptom: it is involuntary. You cannot do it, it happens; you are pulled into it. And the madness that is above the normal is voluntary -- you can do it -- and because you can do it, you remain the master of it. You can stop it at any moment. If you don't want to go further, you can stop it; if you want to go further, you can go on -- but you remain always in control.

In these meditations here, our whole effort is to give you a taste of the madness that is beyond the normal, but you remain the master. Any moment you want to come back, you can come back. This is the indication that you don't need any psychiatric help. This is totally different from ordinary madness: you are going on your own. And remember, if you go on your own, you will never be neurotic because you will release all possibilities of madness. You will not go on accumulating them. Ordinarily, we go on repressing.


The SANNYASIN who was so afraid had repressed much madness in herself. Now she was afraid to do meditation. That can create trouble someday. One day, the cup can be too full and overflowing; then she will not be able to control it. Right now is the moment to allow it, to move into catharsis, to throw it out, to act it out, so you are cleaned of it and your system is cleaned of it. But then you interpret, and fear arises.

Whenever God approaches you, you will see that you are going mad. You will vibrate into a new rhythm; your whole body will be full of shivering, shaking; you will feel a new energy pouring into you, and the energy is so tremendous that your capacity is not that much. By and by, your capacity will grow. By and by, you will be able to absorb it. By and by, the shaking and trembling will disappear. By and by, you will become perfectly silent -- but it takes time....
: OSHO:- )

"Shamanism is not a religion, it's a set of techniques, and the principal technique is the use of psychedelic plants. What psychedelics do is they dissolve boundaries, and in the presence of dissolved boundaries, one cannot continue to close one's eyes to the ruination of the earth, the poisoning of the seas, and the consequences of two thousand years of unchallenged dominator culture, based on monotheism, hatred of nature, suppression of the female, and so forth and so on. So, what shamans have to do is act as exemplars, by making this cosmic journey to the domain of the Gaian ideas, and then bringing them back in the form of art to the struggle to save the world." -Terence McKenna

My heart goes out to you. I am sure you are always surrounded by situations that bring high stress because of the people that surrounds you each day. But truly it is here that you can keep yourself on your toes by pulling yourself back when you can and reminding yourself why you are here and living.

Don't let the craziness around you distract or take you away from the very thing that you believe you can be in living your life. Remember the heart you carry and learn to live through that heart even though everything around you seem to not see where you are coming from or what it is that you are trying to share. Don't push yourself over the limit in helping those who don't want to be help. But you will learn to see, that those who are supposed to come into your life are the ones who will give you the clue on the steps you can continue to take in finding your own healing in yourself.

All the best to you in whatever it is that you face each day. Don't let everyday life get to you. You have a heart that wants to live, all you need to do is not give up and continue to press on, just as I am doing each day. Our soul is the only thing we have left to face this world, and if we lose that part of ourselves, that could be one that will put us in a place where nothing will quench our thirst and we will die a slow painful death, one that will slowly suck the life out of us and we start to walk around like the living dead. I would rather live this life awake than asleep and I know you do too.

We can only remind each other to live each day and not forget why we are alive...
Have a good day my friend..
Much Love
Clemy: )

Giving up Addictions

The walls are closing in…

The ground is falling…

but the feeling is stiff and blood pushing through the vessels and tension rises moment after moment everything is feeling soft and mushie. Keep your head above the water before the innocent are guilty for the lives of our fathers to the horrors in our mothers eyes... speed kills the soul.

Everything is swirling around like I'm in the center of a tornado trying to grab the pieces of my life still noticeable in this mess. We ultimately end up in that spectrum of hope and fear, dealing with our own images and misrepresentations of the world around and having to sort through what is truly important. Where will I see you next? In the grave?



When addictions take over our life we have to gain that control back. One of the first and hardest steps is to ask for help. Outside assistance will bring in another perspective and simply admitting you need help will start you off on the right foot. But, ultimately it is your choice to say YES to life and begin your process of rejuvination and forgiveness.

* Family

The most important influences in your life are your family. If you can start your recovery with your parents or other family members they may be able to help you quicker and more effectively than anyone else. If you can utilize their unconditional love then do it. Otherwise, if your family isn't there for you then you will have to find support elsewhere.

* Friends

You generally are whom you hang around with so if you are seeing those around you abusing the drugs you are trying to get away from or don't want to do, that may be a huge problem for your recovery. If you want to create a better life for yourself you're going to have to surround yourself with those kind of people who you would like to be more like.

* Institutions

When all else fails you can venture out into societies solutions. Be careful with the advice you receive. Money is a huge addiction that people seem to take in form of advice or service. The pills that might be prescribed can create even more series problems.

Dear friends, please take this message to heart... We so often underestimate our power to shape the situations in our life into a vibrant, creative, positive experience. We feel we are victims of circumstances and can do nothing. We curl up in our little ball of day-to-day sameness. We become mired in the muck of self-pity, blame, and stagnation. We are just too tired to do anything. While–as the Serenity Prayer states–the acceptance of things we cannot change is wise, the way we react to those things is within our power. When we fully realize and practice this self-choice in our reactions to circumstances, we then truly begin living.

Saying this is one thing–putting it into practice is yet another. Is it as simple as throwing a mental switch and having everything we encounter in our lives become positive? Ultimately the answer is yes, but getting to the switch can be difficult. Surrounding yourself with positive, supportive people is a first step. Finding examples of people who have overcome unbelievable odds to achieve success or deal with a crisis is another. Just acknowledging that it is possible is a big step. Start with a some little thing that you normally would react to in a negative way. Instead of looking at the negative, look for the positive. Instead of saying things that support the dark side of the event, make statements that affirm your reactions in a strong, positive way.

We have two roads that we can take in our reaction to things we encounter in life. We can take the well-traveled road of blame, depression, anxiety, self-pity, fear, stagnation; or we can take the “road less traveled” and literally straighten up (did you ever notice how positive people appear taller, with their head held high) and meet the challenge with the knowledge that we are in control of our actions and reactions.

What road will you take? How you react is your choice. No person can take that away from you.

Love & Light,
Christopher :)


Miracles are abundant.. take your ear to your heart and turn up the volume - listen to the whisper of your soul... it is calling you home-- home to yourself in your brilliance in your radiance - shine like the sun that you are.... allow love to pave your path, cloak your life... hold your hand as you divine breathe clean clear intention - a life of surrender to the god within you ... the one that supports you and loves you no matter what you mind may think, no judgement- complete acceptance ~ Be you, Pure and in Harmony with the new Economy... of earth and cosmos united in your expression of life being lived~ exchange your presence in gratitude of the infinite joy harmony (nu economy) provides... Accept this is what we all deserve and are ready to say yes to. LOVE LOVE LOVE !!

Debborah Hopkins



A subject with defines the limits of space and time; which transcends all boundaries of politics, religion, race, color, shape, size, or history. Love is a beautiful world of mystery and infinite energy, which inhabits everyone and endless source of energy accessible to any human being, at any given moment in any given environment. Be it in the sanctuary of a church, the stillness of a night, during a party of thousands, or on a beach of solitary splendor. Love is an intangible, which has been both a source of passionate desire and of intense sadness, which has plagued and entranced conscious man since the beginning of recorded history. A vast subject, indeed, yet one which is inexhaustible and universal.

Why? What is it about this thing called love that obsesses us so? Why is it that we look upon it as something we "have" or are "in" or that we "fall into"? Wherever did we learn the idea that it was something that might chain us down, or break our hearts or make us whole? Why is it that we need it and can't live without it? Why do we ever look for something outside of ourselves to make us whole? To define us? To make us feel better about ourselves? Or to forget ourselves?...There is so much more...Love is a constant, omnipresent and pure vibration which lives inside is always at our fingertips because you are alive. Love exists inside and outside of every living thing. Love is yours for the having.

We are all so beautiful with infinite possibilities. Every one of us is a unique creature with thoughts, dreams, ideas, desires, and creativity to be cultivated and shared with each other. Love is a flow whose very nature is to move into and out of us like air. Each of us is a unique force with our own unique way of expression the love we have. The important thing is to do just love. Live in love...with love. We are all brothers and sisters with boundless energy and love to spare. We have to give. Love is who we are. Love and respect yourself and the earth around you. Reach deep inside your soul and see how beautiful you and the world around you is. It is easy to hate. Easy to be jealous. Easy to take. Easy to be violent. It is hard to love and give yourself. We think we know how. We don't know anything. We must open our mind to each support each other. We all want the same be loved and be heard. So, love and listen.


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