Love - It's an Inside Job

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Love - It's an Inside Job
by Tracey Ostrand

The first time I felt my own love, not for someone else or for something outside of me but simply just for being, for existing, I cried. It was so unexpected that I didn’t know what it was at first. It was night, and I was driving down the highway away from the suburbs into Chicago listening to the radio when I noticed I had a huge smile on my face. My heart was warm, pulsing, and my chest was tingling. I could feel the warmth expanding my heart, my smile growing, and in an a-ha moment I realized that it was love, that it was my love, created and breathed through me and for me. And then I started doing one of those laugh-cries that women do when they are ridiculously happy. I had one hand on my heart, one hand on the wheel, tears were dripping down my face, but I was laughing, I was loved.

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Since then it’s been a love hate relationship. I’ve cycled through old spaces and places where love didn’t seem to exist, where shame had taken residence, but one by one I have planted the flags of love throughout my inner world.

I have used many tools on this Journey. Reiki was the first one that cracked me open and started me on my path home. After my level one Reiki attunement I walked around for a half hour with my jaw dropped open, my hands held out in front of me, mumbling, “Oh my God, I have magic hands.” I could feel the divine love pouring out of each of my hand chakras and I knew I had found a piece of me that I had been missing for a long time.

The latest tool I have found to expand into love and the one I will be honored to share after the opening circle of Chi! Ka! Go! on February 12th is an energy, aptly named, All Love. The most amazing experience with the All Love energy I’ve had thus far is what I like to call a "bliss roller coaster," though I have also heard it referred to as a "Cosmic Orgasm." It starts out with so much energy moving through me that I feel both stuck to the earth and expanded into the heavens at the same time. I'm hot and sweating and then next thing I know, I'm on the ground laughing as wave after wave of joy is moving through my entire body and every single cell is exploding in pure bliss.

There are so many paths and so many ways to expand into love. So many moments that we can release fear, change an old way of thinking or seeing. This February instead of focusing on the love that’s outside of you, of its lack or imperfectness, I invite you to focus on the love that is inside of you. I invite you to bring this love into the spaces of you that have forgotten what love feels like. And I invite you to commit to yourself and to the world to come into a state of union, into a state of love, first with yourself, and then with all of creation.

Tracey Ostrand's bio
It is time, we are ready. We are ready to come back into union with ourselves, with others, and with the universe. We are ready to come into an honoring relationship with all of these starting first with the self. Becoming Self-full and then shining that fullness and light out into the world. Tracey's intention in all her sessions and workshops is to hold the space necessary for us to come into this remembering, into this union. She is a practitioner and teacher of Reiki, All Love Energy, Yoga, and the Akashic Records and she has also been blessed by her Grandfather, Singing Man, to lead Native Ceremonies. She is constantly using these same energies and more to continue her own openings and expansions, knowing that the more she is able to move into union inside of herself, the more she is able to offer that union into the world. It is time, we are ready. For more information about Tracey or any of these healing modalities please go to

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Love is not a product! This Valentine season let's reclaim love. A call to action for Occupies everywhere - how will you occupy Valentines? A flash mob kiss-in at the corporate criminal of your choice? Let's show the world that love is the revolution! How do you Occupy Love? Send us your Occupy Love Story! All submissions will be on the web and could end up in the feature documentary "Occupy Love." We are creators - not consumers. Occupy Valentine's Day. Bring Love.

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