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Other information:

Community Lightworker,

Our LeaderShip is navigating the ‘see’ and assembling visionaries with vivid dreams of peace and synchronicity within Human Kind, Mother Earth and Father Sky. We would love to coalesce and inspire with you to provide a beacon of light throughout 2013. We are uniting many visionaries in a variety of workshops, musical performances and other beautiful inspirations that we are bringing back to our extended communities.


Let us know how you would like to contribute to our mission and join together, becoming teachers of the grandest kind, shaping the communities we live in and changing the world one voice at a time.


*We are accepting contributions in the following community projects:

o Inspirational Speakers

o Educational Body, Mind & Spirit Workshops

o Conscious Vendors

o Uplifting Musical Melodies

o Engaging Performances

o Visionary & Interactive Artwork

o Healers, Energy Workers & Readers

o Partnership Opportunities


You can also request to be featured in one of the sections on our website and share your inspirations to a wider audience. Send the below details to submit(at) with any media attachments. Let us know which of your “works” to be featured on top of your page along with any order that you would like the rest to flow into. You can also describe the 'process' each piece was created so we can put those details next to each item. If chosen you will receive a confirmation email.


  1. Profile pictures of yourself
  2. Personal Biography (history)
  3. Intentions for creative expression (opening)
  4. Inspirations you have witnessed (others that inspire you)
  5. The process that you flow through (how you create)
  6. Your “WORKS” with individual descriptions, histories, meanings, etc.
  7. Multi-Media (videos, music, pictures, etc.)
  8. Upcoming events and projects
  9. Links to portfolio, events and other online sites
  10. What section would you prefer to be featured in?


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